The optimal location of the camp enables you to visit many places of particular historical, cultural and artistic interest such as Venice, Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Ferrara, Mantova, precious city within easy reach for a day of art.

A short distance from our hotel instead, the Euganean Hills offer a mysterious landscape still permeated by the enchantment of castles, walled cities of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and historical Venetian villas in the Palladian style, which still maintain intact all their great charm. Impossible not to fall in love with charming timeless beauty of these hills, including the pace of life seems to slow down. old oaks and chestnut forests alternate with Mediterranean maquis and the terraced vineyards and orchards.

The Regional Park of the Euganean Hills covers a hilly area of ​​volcanic origin of about 19,000 hectares and can be explored by car, on foot or bicycle, choosing among the scenic drives and more than 20 paths that climb its slopes.

Padova - Prato della Valle
Abano Terme e Colli Euganei
Veduta aerea di Venezia