Sporting Center has been carried out for those people  who need thermal treatments.
You will be cured by the Montegrotto and Abano wonderful hot spring, while staying in your own caravan, with favourable prices and complete freedom.

You can take advantage of an equipped cure  division,where thermal muds,inhalations and massages take place; these therapies are just for those who suffer from arthrosis, arthritis, the outcome of a trauma, bronchial and gynaecological diseases, beauty problems.

Our camping,which is the exclusive one in the Euganean Hills area,is a four-star camping. 100.000 mq of open space, it is a worldwide novelty.

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Caravan Cottage

The campsite has 185 places of more of 90 mq each;they’re all surrounded by plants, all provided with hot and cold water and electricity; half of them are furnished with private bathrooms, which is one toilet for every two caravans.

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